TASK Branding    CLIENT Bäckerei Riesenhuber    AGENCY none


Generations of Riesenhubers had flour on their hands – baking fresh bread since 1895. In recent times, a lot of traditional bakeries like Riesenhuber can’t stand a chance against big supermarket chains. In the town of Neufurth however, things are quite different. People there seem to love their high quality bread and so Riesenhubers bakery is expanding, opening a new shop with a little café and even doing some catering. Their old branding was a bit outdated, coming from way back when in the seventies, so they wanted something a bit more fun and modern. In our design, we combined quirky illustrations with fun slogans using the local dialect to approach customers on a personal level and make them feel right at home. This design is not in use.

Design Lili Weissensteiner, Katharina Erhardt    Illustrations, Photography Lili Weissensteiner