TASK Branding, Editorial Design    CLIENT Falknerbund    AGENCY Ogilvy Vienna


Falconry is an ancient tradition in Austria as well as in many other countries. The Austrian Association of Falconry felt that they were much more modern than their corporate design conveyed – so they commissioned a slight re-design of their logo as well as an information brochure to explain the traditions and modern applications for falconry.

Branding Lili Weissensteiner    Editorial Design Lili Weissensteiner    Illustrations Lili Weissensteiner    Text Christoph Reicher, Sophie Cerny    Photo Editing Stefan Bayer, Roman Magin    Wildlife Photography Marion Diernberger Sterner, Thomas Engel, Barbara Hammer, Franz Hammer, Melanie Kruschik, Oswald Schmid, Gerhard Theuermann, Mark Williams, Markus Zeiler